Sunday, August 8, 2010

Message from Sun Bear a Cherokee Elder from Oregon

Sun Bear is a wonderful friend and mentor. He has been studying the Hopi Prophecies for many years. His visions are clear and have been proven true to form. I am honored to know him. This is some of his work....T. Whitedeer

Let us go through this Message, and break it down, in terms of its meaning.

(By Sun Bear).
("There is a river, that is flowing very Fast. It is so swift, that there will be those who will be afraid".)
This statement is in reference to the present flow of Creation; and the Evolution of Creation; as being like a river.
("They will try to hold onto the shore".)
This statement is refering to the desire, to cling to old thoughts; ideas; concepts; viewpoints; lifestyles; belongings; expectations of continuance, without change; and ect; which have molded your life for many years; and perhaps a lifetime; as the banks of the river, and its foundation of boulders.
("They will feel like they are being torn apart; and they will suffer greatly".)
This statement refers to those, who are not open to accepting new changes, as they will be more rapidly occuring; will suffer; as the Evolution Of Creation, is excellerating so rapidly; that we are moving into an era, where nothing will be absolute certenty. Our old conceps of life; and living; will no longer apply; and new ones; may be subject to changing very rapidly.
("Know that the river has a destination".)
This statement is in reference to the excellerating Evolution Of Creation; will be taking those who are open; to higher; and higher levels of Consciousness; and Spirituality; and stripping away of Materialisum that has been the controling bases of many peoples lives for many Generations.
("The Elders say; we must let go of the shore; and push off into the middle of the river".)
This statement refers to the willingness to accept, and go with the flow of where ever the rapidly moving Evolution Of Creation, is carrying us to; without fear; at this unique time in History.
("Those who are in there with you, can celebrate".)
This statement refers to a whole new era of Human History that is unfolding; and bring in times of Truth; Joy; Happiness; and Freedom From Fear.
("At this time in History; we must not take anything personal; least of all; ourselves. For the moment that we do; our Spiritual Growth comes to a halt".)
This statement refers to common desires, to uphold; and defend, our long time viewpoints; and concepts; of subjests; and instilled concepts, with persistance; that ours, are the only valid ones; and all others are incorrect; or flawed; from our personal viewpoint.
("The Time of the Lone Wolf is over".)
This statement refers to the times of the old survival concepts of: Each person fending for theirself, for servival; and those who have horded all the comforts of life to themselves; while others struggle; will be ending.
("Gather yourselves togather; and banish the words of struggle, from your attitudes, and vocabulary".)
This statement refers to the willingness of equal sharing, of the abundances, and necessities of life; and comming togather for a common good of all people, as one Human Family.
("Everything we do now; must be done in a Sacred Manner".)
This statement is in referance to recognizing that everything, is a part of the Sacred ONENESS; and therefore must be treated, and delt with in a Sacred Way.
("For we are the ones, we've been waiting for".)
This statement refers to those, at this time in History; as being the ones who carry within their physical bodies; the Sacred Spirits of our Ancient Ancestors, which have returned at this time in History; to save us from ourselves; and self materialistic destruction of all life.

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